Watch The Cast of The ’70s Show Reunite (and Wilmer Valderrama Gets Rabbit Ears) on The Red Carpet of This ’90s Show


The cyclical nature of pop culture can be annoying at times, but viewers will soon see perhaps the best possible example when Netflix introduces the long-awaited sitcom “The Show of the 90s.” The new series will focus on Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, Red and Kitty Foreman, as their home becomes a summer retreat for granddaughter Leia (Kelly Haverda) and her group of misfit friends. However, before all this, the actors and creators (including other graduates of the “70s Show) got together at the premiere of the streaming comedy on the red carpet to remind all of us how old we are getting.

As you can see from the first big trailer of the show, the “90s Show” returns most of the O.G. stars in one capacity or another – with the exception of the legally bound Danny Masterson — but it seems that not everyone was able to get to the celebration on the red carpet. Not that it would distract attention from all the talented people who were actually present, with demonstrations of various levels of style and profiling, as shown below.

A few quick takes:

  • The stars Red and Kitty look quite respectable, and I don’t even have a vague feeling that the first one wants to stick one foot in someone’s ass. This is a real miracle of 2023!
  • I would like the bed to be made from what Wilmer Valderrama is wearing, and I would definitely leave it in the same color.
  • Laura Prepon looks as lovely as possible, although I wonder why she’s not standing next to her returning TV dad Don Stark. Probably it’s the height.
  • In true Tommy Chong style, the veteran of the ’70s show looks like he only found out about the red carpet when he happened to be walking down the street. I almost hope there’s a good reason he’s wearing different-colored shoes, but I also hope there isn’t one.
  • Below, we take a closer look at Smith and Valderrama together, where an elderly actor shows off his youthful energy by exposing what appear to be rabbit ears behind the head of his co-star in the film. Although, funnily enough, the gag doesn’t quite work at the angle this picture was taken from, so it looks like he’s grinning at the idea of giving a peace sign. Which, by the way, could be the case.

Maybe instead of making a bed out of this stuff, I would just replace my skin and… wait, it wasn’t meant to be shared.

Ahem, now that we’ve seen everyone who appeared on the “70s Show-with Topher Grace, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher missing— check out the full group shot featuring most of the cast and creatives of the “90s Show, including O.G. Show creators Bonnie and Terry Turner.

I can’t wait to get back to all kinds of fun from the past when the ’90s Show premieres on Thursday, January 19th for everyone with a Netflix subscription. Go to our TV premiere schedule for 2023 to find out what new and returning shows are expected.


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