Watch Taylor Swift Play an Outsider in The “Antihero” Music Video


Taylor Swift shared a video clip for the song “Anti-Hero”, a single from her new album “Midnights”.

In the clip, we see Swift appearing at a dinner party as a giant version of herself, watching her own funeral, as she dreamed in the lyrics (“I dream that my daughter-in-law is killing me for money/ She thinks I left them in my will”), and I’m worried about weight gain in the angelic-diabolical hypostasis of her personalities. She also throws parties with her alter-ego hero ant.

Earlier this month, the American pop star said that the “Anti-Hero” hears her sinking deeper into her “insecurities.”

“[It’s] one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” Swift said in a video posted to her Instagram. “I really don’t think I’ve delved so deeply into my insecurities before.”

Swift continued: “I really struggle with the idea that my life is out of control.”

She then inserted her own comments to emphasize that she is not looking for sympathy for the disadvantages of fame.

The singer went on to say that “Anti-Hero” is being played out as a kind of “tour” of “everything I hate about myself.” The singer added that it’s about coming to terms with your shortcomings and advantages in work in order to truly accept yourself as a person.

Swift’s 10th album “Midnights” is released today (October 21).

In a four-star review, Hannah Milrea of NME noted that it is a “shimmering return to pure pop music” that “deviates from her soft quarantine creations and recent re-recording project, offering brighter, forward-looking sounds.”

Meanwhile, fans noticed a reference to Janet Jackson in Taylor Swift’s new collaboration with Lana Del Rey, “Snow On The Beach,” and just hours after she released “Midnights,” Swift surprised fans with a deluxe edition of her 10th album. adding an additional seven tracks to it.


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