How to watch Super Pink Moon, schedules and live broadcast?


How to watch Super Pink Moon, schedules and live broadcast? Don’t miss this beautiful astronomical show.

Afew days after starting this month, April is going to surprise us with a very special astronomical show, it is a full moon that will be the largest of the year, so it will give us an incredible view while we see it with a size significantly larger than usual and with an extra flash.

Throughout the year, approximately 12 full moons manifest in the night sky , but during 2020 some extras await us, of which 4 will be supermoons , so you can not miss this memorable show.

The full moon in April is known as the Pink Moon, but it does not mean that we are going to see this star tinged with a pink hue . Its name was chosen in honor of the flowers that begin to sprout during this season, marking the beginning of spring.

Keep reading to find out all the details and do not miss this astronomical show that will undoubtedly provide a nice moment while you are spending indoors. If you can go out on your roof, look through your balcony or the window of your house, you will surely see the supermoon we are talking about, but even if you cannot, we tell you how to see it from inside your home.

According to experts, the moon will reach perigee on Tuesday, April 7, at 2:08 p.m. , that is, at that time it will enter the closest area it has to Earth. However, the night sky will be ideal to let us appreciate this phenomenon more adequately, so you can see it from the night of April 7 and until the early hours of the following day.

Although it is said that the ideal time to see it will be around 9:30 , we recommend you look up steadily since the sky begins to darken, as this could vary a bit.

If you can’t see this supermoon or prefer to enjoy the show from the comfort of your bedroom, we recommend you follow this live broadcast. I ngresando to the link can see how long it is to start and add a reminder to time can not happen to you:


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