Watch: Sports World Reacts to Shaka College News


Shaquille O’Neal has achieved a lot outside of the basketball court.

The legendary NBA star has ventured into the world of business in several different fields, as well as in the world of education.

According to one report, O’Neill even paid some of his friends to go to classes with him so that classes would start.

“It is reported that Shak wanted to get a master’s degree at an online university, but the class needed 15 more students to start… …so, of course, he paid 15 of his friends to sign up and invite their masters with him,” Legion Hoops tweeted. .

Sports fans love this story.

“He’s really like that, man… I want to be like Shaq when I grow up, and you can hold everyone else,” one fan wrote.

“Just one of the greatest people to ever roam this Earth,” one fan added.

“This dude… this is what dressing up your friends looks like. Salute!” another fan added.

It’s good to be a Shock.


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