Watch: South Alabama Calls Ridiculously Stupid Stunt


The Jaguars from South Alabama beat UCLA by two points and didn’t know how to act.

Three minutes before the end, the Jags had a chance to increase the lead to five and possibly steal a major away win over the Power-5 team.

Instead, they decided to make a fake throw attempt from the game, which quickly failed, eventually losing one.

Fans reacted to the highly questionable appeal on social media.

“USA! USA! (Eventually lost 32-31),” wrote Grant Wohl.

“Not a very decent play of the Sun Belt, South,” Ben Stanfield commented.

“You [expletive] are joking that this is how South Alabama lost,” another replied.

“It’s not #FunBelt,” Chris Hudgison said.

“Oh, it just hurts to watch!” tweeted Kendra Douglas of WESH.

Talk about messing around with a bag.


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