Watch: soccer in Miami introduces a new form of “Miami Nights”


The Miami Hurricanes have had some great forms in their storied history. But in 2022 they will add another one to the lineup.

On Friday, the Hurricanes unveiled their new Miami Lights uniform, which is due to go on sale this Monday. The black uniform is decorated with the team’s traditional orange and green colors, which gives it a radiant look.

However, this is not the first time the Hurricanes have worn black uniforms. They have a “Miami Nights” theme at least once a year for several years.

But this particular design created by Adidas has a lot of fans. The video itself has already gained 34,000 views in an hour, and the comments are mostly enthusiastic:

“Yeah, the championship is ours,” wrote one fan from Miami.

“Oh yeah, I need this T—shirt,” wrote another.

“COME ON!! It’s a drug!!” wrote a third fan.

The year 2022 marks the beginning of a new era in Miami football, when the legend of the team Mario Cristobal becomes the head coach. He did a masterful job of recruiting not only players, but also top-level coaches.

Some voters believe Cristobal could even lead Miami to a better record in the ACC this season. Some are ready to call them one of the best teams in the whole country.

If they can win a major victory in such a fresh T-shirt, it can become their staple forever.


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