Watch: Red Velvet is thrilled with Seulga’s beauty as they react to her MV solo debut “28 Reasons”


Red Velvet shared their reaction to Seulga’s solo debut!

On October 6, Red Velvet released a video in which all five members came together to react to Seulga’s new music video “28 Reasons”. This week, Seulgi made her solo debut with her first mini-album “28 Reasons”, which took first place in the iTunes Top Albums charts in 30 different regions.

Seulgi says that the participants gathered to be the first to see her new solo music video, and Wendy notes that this is the first time that all five participants reacted to one of their solo or unit works. The participants comment on how scary the atmosphere of the video is, but they quickly start coddling and praising Seulgi as soon as the clip begins.

When they reach the chorus, Seulgi points to his choreography and shares with a smile: “This is the choreography that you will have to do.”

As soon as the music video ends, the members explode with praise, and Joy shyly comments, “Unni… can I dare say it’s legendary?” Wendy adds: “You tore it up. You’re going to capture K-pop,” and Joy describes the clip as a work of art.

To explain the music video, Seulgi shares, “If the trailer was a bit like reality, this kid has now entered a dream [in the music video]. In a dream, she confronts and fights with good and evil, but does not know what is good.” Red Velvet continues to shower her with praise and makes sure to tell her that all her hard work has definitely paid off.

Watch the full reaction clip below!


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