Watch: Real Siblings Bae Da Bin and Hoyoung From VERIVERY Demonstrate Charming Chemistry in The Preview of “Home Alone”


MBC’s “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) shared a cute brief overview of the sibling chemistry between brother and sister Bae Da Bin and Hoen from VERIVERY!

In a newly released preview of next week’s episode of the reality show, “It’s Great Now” star Bae Da Bin returns to the program to take another look into his daily life.

The clip begins with the actress explaining that she wants to buy Christmas gifts for her little nieces, who are three and five years old. When the store owner asks her if she is shopping for her own children, Bae Da Bin asks sadly: “Do I look like I have kids?”

After spending some time chatting with all the vendors at the local market, Bae Da Bin returns home, where her younger brother Hoyoung visits her. Although she has five siblings, Bae Da Bin admits, “He’s my only younger brother.” Noting that her dog seems happy to see Hoyoung again, the actress asks her: “Are you suddenly excited that your oppa [big brother] is here?”

When the two siblings cook together, Bae Da Bin goes into big sister mode when she starts lovingly grumbling at Hoen about his eating habits. When Hoyoung says, “Right now I only drink energy drinks,” Bae Da Bin exclaims: “You shouldn’t drink them, Hoen. In fact, it would be better to just have a coffee.”

The sisterly grumbling continues throughout the meal when Bae Da Bin tells Hoyoung not to eat green plums during the meal. “You shouldn’t eat them when you feel bloated and full, so don’t eat them during a meal [meal],” she says, before adding, “When you’re busy, it’s important to have a good rest. You need to have a good rest.”

Later, the two of them talk to their mom via video link, and she exclaims, “You two are so similar.”

The preview ends with Bae Da Bin crying as she notes: “My family is like a place I can always go back to. They make me feel safe.” Pointing to her tears, she adds with a laugh: “I’m not sad.”

The episode “Home Alone” with Bae Da Bin will air on January 27. Full preview below!


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