Watch: Rafael Nadal hit himself on the nose with a racket last night


Yesterday, Rafael Nadal beat Fabio Fognini in four sets and reached the third round of his section at the US Open. But he had a little incident on the court.

During the fourth set, Nadal accidentally hit himself hard on the nose. It was so bad that he started bleeding and had to step aside for about five minutes to be treated.

The footage shows that the incident occurred after his racket bounced off the clay and hit him right in the nose. He instantly recoiled and stepped off the clay for treatment.

It looked like a small cut, but judging by the expression on Nadal’s face, it caused him great discomfort. A medical timeout was announced, but when Nadal finally returned to the court, he was greeted with thunderous applause.

The clip has one virus with more than 121,000 views since last night.

Fans came to support Nadal, hoping that he was all right after a rather unpleasant injury. But it only took him about four points to close the deal.

The 22-time Grand Slam winner will play Frenchman Richard Gasquet in the third round. But there are many players who are still eager to prevent Nadal from winning his 23rd place.

Will Rafael Nadal be able to excel in this tournament?


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