Watch: Paul Finebaum talks about the biggest regret of his career


Paul Finebaum learned a lot during his career as a college football analyst.

Finebaum has been covering sports for over 40 years and still has one big regret.

He wishes he would never criticize players for their performances.

“One thing I did in the beginning and will never do again is I criticized the players,” Finebaum said (first transcribed by 247Sports. “In the early ’80s, I think Alabama was approaching its first losing season in 25 years. the players are a bunch of blockheads and losers.”

“I learned a lesson from that and stopped,” Finebaum continued. “I have never criticized a player individually again. It was a great learning experience. Coaches? I’ve never been bothered by their criticism.”

Over the years, Finbaum has criticized various coaches many times, whether on his radio show or during morning broadcasts on ESPN.

This is likely to continue next month, as the 2022 college football season is scheduled to begin at the end of August.