Watch: Patrick Mahomes’ Tweet about training Camp Goes Viral – The Spun: What’s Trending in the sports world today

The Kansas City Chiefs will soon open their 2022 training camp. And world defender Patrick Mahomes is literally ready for the heat.
Earlier today, former Chiefs tackle Mitchell Schwartz posted a screenshot of the upcoming weather forecast in Kansas City. High temperatures will range from 98 to 105 degrees during the week.
This doesn’t seem to bother Mahomes. On Twitter, Mahomes retweeted Schwartz’s post with the caption “It’s going to be a fun week to start camp” and a laughing emoji.
Mahomes’ tweet went viral, gaining more than 1,300 likes in an hour. But fans aren’t as excited about the heat as he seems:
“Oh! Drink this H2O! Dude, that’s cruel!” one fan replied.
“It’s hotter in Texas. I know you can handle this, lol, seriously and safely,” wrote another.
“You won’t have to sweat until the end of the season, because you won’t have any left! Go ahead, bosses!” wrote a third fan.
However, a more serious problem that Patrick Mahomes may have in the 2022 season will be the cold. The heat probably won’t be a factor at most stadiums when autumn arrives, and more than half of their home games will take place between November and January.
Will Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs find a way to beat the heat in training camp this month?