Watch: Park Hyun-shik, Jung So-nee and Others Bring Laughter and Poster Ideas for “Our Blooming Youth”


Our blooming Youth” brought fans to the set of its poster!

tvN’s upcoming historical drama “Our Blooming Youth” tells the story of a prince suffering from a mysterious curse and a brilliant woman who is accused of murdering her family members. Their romance develops in the process when a man saves a woman from her false accusation, and a woman saves a man from his curse.

In a new clip from the filming of the drama poster, Park Hyun-sik introduces himself as Lee Hwan, the Crown prince, who receives a letter from a ghost on the day of the official coronation, which brings a mysterious curse on him. He adds: “I think the story of trying to break the curse will be well revealed when he meets Jae Yi, so I hope you will look forward to ‘Our Blooming Youth’.”

Min Jae Yi is played by Jung Seo Nee, who explains her character, “She loses her entire family due to an unexpected accident, and she is being pursued on false charges. On her own, she is trying to clear her name and enter the palace to create a new identity. She’s a woman who lives like Jeong So Nee and Go Soon Dol, who knows a lot.”

Pyo Ye Jin appears as Min Jae and Jung Ga Ram’s friend and assistant. The actress comments: “Ga Ram is someone who is not held back by her status, gender or difficult situations. I think she is a character who defends her own life, so I hope you will anticipate and support her fate!”

Yoon Jong-seok talks about his role as Han Sung-on, Min Jae-yi’s fiance and Lee hwang’s friend: “One night I lose my fiancee, and all the moments I dreamed of are crumbling. From that moment on, I am looking for my fiancee and gradually start quarreling with my closest friend the Crown Prince, so that in the end there is no one left with me. Lee Tae-sun describes his character Kim Myung-jin, saying, “He’s an incredibly charming character. He has an innocent and hot-tempered side, but he is a very down-to-earth and sincere character, so I hope everyone loves him very much.”

After the solo shooting of the posters, the five actors get together with Heo Won Seo, who plays Lee Hwan’s bodyguard, Tae Kang. While they are excitedly preparing for the photo shoot, the actors playfully make fun of each other and joke. The group photos are followed by a romantic photo shoot by Park Hyun-shik and Jung So-nee. Park Hyun-shik shares his idea of looking at Jung Seo-nee from behind because of the limitations of his hat, which the photographer readily agrees with.

The following video shows the shooting of special posters of the drama, which have not yet been released! The first special poster has a more serious tone than the first group photo of the actors, which raises questions about the concept. The next shoot is dedicated to Park Hyun-shik and Jung So-ni, who are deep in thought, diligently studying various books.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below.


The premiere of “Our Blooming Youth” will take place on February 6 at 20:50 Korean time. KST and will come to Wiki.


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