Watch: Panthers Wide Receiver prevented a possible fight among fans


The Carolina Panthers will open their preseason this Saturday against the Washington Commanders, but it looks like tension is already building among fans. Fortunately, wide receiver D.J. Moore is here to help.

During a Panthers fan event on Thursday, a couple of fans started arguing and seemed to be on the verge of a fight. It was then that Moore intervened and calmed the water.

Moore climbed into the stands and began to distribute the situation between them. After a short conversation, the two fans calmed down and continued to enjoy the holiday.

The video has gone viral, gaining over 111,000 views since last night. Although some of the answers are pretty good:

“Great respect. I didn’t know he could play defense. Adult men in games, sometimes wild and unlucky,” wrote journalist Morgan Adsit.

“DJ Moore heard them arguing about who to take for 2/3 of the turn (in fantasy football). He was just advertising himself,” one fan replied.

“That’s pretty damn cool. A genuine, good guy sees the static and crushes it. He didn’t have to do it, but it shows the character of the person he did. High courage, high honesty. Moore),” wrote a third.

“If you want to fight at a fan festival, you need a therapist. Call today and make an appointment. You will thank me later.”

Pre-season and training camps are not worth fighting over.


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