Watch: Paige Spiranak’s Response to Clothing Criticism Goes Viral


Earlier on Thursday, former professional golfer Paige Spiranak posted a video from the training field on her Twitter account.

In the video, Spiranak was wearing a T-shirt and tight-fitting shorts. Naturally, there were a lot of upset people in her comments for absolutely no reason — mostly men.

“No one from the PGA dresses like that at the shooting range,” one fan told Spiranaku in the comments section. Well, she saw the comment and responded with a perfect answer that didn’t even need words.

She posted a photo of PGA Tour stars like Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler in swimming trunks while playing golf.

Every week, Spiranak receives hundreds of unpleasant comments under the posts she posts on social networks. From time to time, she shoots back and usually wins in an online skirmish.

Good for her.


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