Watch: Packers star awkwardly communicates with a policeman


Lambeau Field recently hosted its first football match when Premier League champion Manchester City met Bundesliga champion Bayern Munich. Among the 78,000 visitors was the Green Bay Packers running for AJ. Dillon, who had an awkward conversation with a policeman.

During the game on Saturday, Dillon was invited onto the field during a break in the weather. But he was stopped by a police officer, after which he tried to explain to the officer who he was and what he was doing.

However, the officer didn’t seem to want to hear it. He pushed Dillon quite hard towards the stands, causing loud boos from the crowd.

One fan took revenge on an officer who pushed Dillon by throwing a beer mug at him. The beer scratched the officer’s face, but it didn’t seem to bother him.

However, A.J. Dillon had the last laugh. He calmed the situation by making a Lambo jump into the stands.

But A.J. Dillon doesn’t blame the officer for what he did.

According to Dillon explained the actions of the policeman by a misunderstanding, possibly due to the fact that the policeman did not know that he was invited to the field.

“Two security guards told me and helped me down to the field during a 30-minute delay due to rain so I could do a Lambo jump and stir up the crowd… I guess he missed them telling me to come down,” Dillon. said.

As for the game itself, Manchester City beat Bayern Munich 1-0 thanks to a goal by Erling Holand.


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