Watch: NFL Player Threatens to Sue Madden Franchise


Over the weekend, the official gameplay of the Madden 23 video game was published on social networks.

In the game, Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb could be seen going up against Baltimore Ravens quarterback Marlon Humphrey. Apparently, Humphrey got the worst of it.

Chubb strained the Ravens’ defensive back and continued rolling. The footage quickly spread across social media, and almost everyone noted Humphrey in the post.

The Ravens star eventually saw the clip and threatened legal action.

“Smh Get me out of the game right now before I sue,” he told Madden.

Humphrey is clearly sarcastic in his message, which helped his comment go viral. It was similar to more than 82,000 Twitter accounts and shared 7,000 more times.

However, to be honest, Nick Chubb has a history of how NFL quarterbacks looked bad. He will have a chance to do the same with Humphrey—twice—in the 2022 season.