Watch: NFL Fans are Furious over the “Sunday ticket” This Afternoon


Fans are not at all happy with their “Sunday Ticket” service in the first week of the NFL.

The flagship DirecTV package was disabled at the beginning of the first week, and many users were not even able to log in to see what the problem was.

They have allowed their voices to be heard on social media.

“The NFL Sunday ticket charged me money, but it’s completely disabled,” one customer said. “I can’t even log in. Absolutely ridiculous. The live broadcast is the worst.”

“I can’t stand Direct TV,” wrote another. “I’m so excited that this garbage company has lost [Sunday ticket].”

“The NFL Sunday Ticket websites are arguably the worst websites I’ve ever tried to use.”

“It’s not football season if the NFL [Sunday Ticket] in the first week is absolutely unusable,” another user noted. “It’s unbelievable how terrible an experience it is every year.”

“I absolutely can’t wait for the day when DirectTV doesn’t have a Sunday ticket anymore,” the Dolphins fan said.

Fortunately, fans can count on a new provider next year.


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