Watch: New Idol Survival Program “Peak Time” Releases Intriguing Teasers Before Premiere


The upcoming JTBC survival program shared two group teasers ahead of the February premiere!

“Peak Time” is a new idol survival program in which male idols who have already debuted will compete in teams for the chance to become the next “world idol group”. It was previously announced that Lee Seung-gi will be the host of the program, and the judges will be Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Song Mino from WINNER, Jay Park, Tiffany from Girls’ Generation, Lee Kikwan from Highlight and Kim Songyu from INFINITE.

On January 1, Rush Hour released teasers of the performances of the two groups, containing only their silhouettes, but not revealing the identities of the participants.

The first team performed a powerful version of SEVENTEEN’s song “Getting Closer”:

The second team impressed with their incendiary cover of the song ENHANCE “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)”:

The production group “Peak Time” shared the goal of the program. “We intend to show only their skills without boxes and labels attached to the names and images of their teams. [Thanks to the program], people will be able to evaluate teams solely on their skills without first compromising their existing image and find new aspects or values of teams that they did not know before.”

Teasers of the performances will be released at 18:00. KST every other day, starting on January 1, through the JTBC Entertainment channel on YouTube, and full versions of the videos in which their faces will be revealed will be released after the first broadcast on February 7 at 22:30. KST.

Can you guess which teams only their silhouettes consist of? Stay tuned!


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