How to watch Netflix with someone else? Four extensions to use on the PC


Watching Netflix with someone else is possible with the help of desktop extensions. The tip is useful for those who are in social isolation during the quarantine misses watching movies and series with friends. Plugins for Chrome and Firefox allow you to synchronize the content playback on the computers of two or more people for free and in a few clicks. In addition to the simultaneous transmission, the services offer a chat feature so that the group can comment on the movie or series online.

Somagnews has separated a list of four sites to watch Netflix with someone else during the coronavirus quarantine. It is worth mentioning that the plugins are free, but it is necessary that all session participants are Netflix subscribers to consume the content.

1. Netflix Party
Available for Chrome, the Netflix Party extension allows you to watch movies or series from a distance with someone else – as long as they also have the tool installed. It works like this: the user downloads the plugin from the Chrome Web Store and, after installation, accesses the Netflix website. Once the movie has been chosen, just click on the “NP” icon, to the right of the address bar, and share the “party” link with friends.

In addition to synchronizing the playback of content on the computer of two (or more) people, the extension offers a chat field where you can comment on the production in real time.

2. Metastream
With support for services like Netflix, Hulu, TwitchTV and YouTube, Metastream ( is another extension that helps to close the distance between friends and couples when watching movies or series. Available for Firefox and Chrome, the plugin works similarly to the Netflix Party tool, but wins in terms of features.

Before sharing the session link with the guests, it is possible to define whether the meeting is public or private and to determine the number of users allowed (the number is unlimited). Unlike Netflix Party, Metastream requires the administrator to approve the entry of participants, which prevents unwanted people from entering the session. During the screening of the film, friends can use the chat to comment on the production.

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3. Scener
The Scener plugin ( stands out from the competition for supporting audio and video chats when viewing content. Available for Chrome, the extension allows sessions with a maximum of 10 people and works only with Netflix. It is important to clarify, however, that the user can only use Scener with the main account profile in the streaming service.

To use the tool, you need to download it from the Chrome Web Store and, after installation, create a private group. Then, the administrator must pass the link on to the guests. When everyone has entered the virtual room, just click on the “Watch together” button.

4. TwoSeven
Available for Chrome and Firefox, the TwoSeven extension ( also features a video chat feature, but it goes ahead because it supports more services than Scener. In addition to Netflix, you can use the plugin for free to watch content on Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, YouTube and Vimeo. TwoSeven subscribers can also hold group sessions with Hulu and Disney Plus movies and series.

The prices of premium plans vary from US $ 5 to US $ 20 per month (about R $ 26 to R $ 104, in direct conversion). However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, TwoSeven is offering all features paid for $ 3 (about $ 16) a month. With an interface that leaves a little to be desired, the tool works similarly to competitors and requires a brief registration.


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