Watch: Nebraska Running Back Reacts to Scott Frost’s Shot


Not many Nebraska football players are ready or even able to respond directly to the dismissal of head coach Scott Frost. But one running back had a telling message after the news.

Nebraska running back Ajay Allen made his first comment on Twitter this afternoon since the shooting at Frost stopped. Without speaking directly about his now-former head coach, Allen basically said Nebraska is moving forward.

“Control what you can control! Let’s get this over with!! #GBR,” Allen wrote.

Allen’s tweet went viral, gaining over 2,000 likes in less than two hours. Nebraska fans are turning to the comments to wish Allen and the rest of Husker Nation good luck in the future:

“Hey, dude, please rally your team. Don’t go away. Coach Frost wouldn’t want you to do that. Unite under the guidance of Mickey and guide us on a new path of success. .

“You will become a star, no matter who the coach is. Keep it up and work hard, we Husker fans are looking forward to you running for the next few years before calling the NFL. Keep working, you’ve got it. some kind of talent, it’s already visible,” wrote another.

“The best way to do it. Focus on yourself and your work and what Applewhite is teaching you guys.

Nebraska’s first game under acting head coach Mickey Joseph will be against No. 6 Oklahoma. After that, they can rest for a week before planning four games with a stronger opponent.

Will Ajay Allen and the rest of the Huskers be able to rally to make this season strong?


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