Watch: Nebraska Football has entered an Awkward History of Rivalry


Things were getting worse and worse for Nebraska’s football program on Saturday.

A week after Scott Frost was fired, the Cornhuskers fell to 1-3 after a 49-14 loss to the Oklahoma Sooners.

The 35-point loss is the worst loss in a series against the Sooners since 1968. The Cornhuskers also lost to the Sooners by a score of 45-10 in 1990.

This defeat was also the Cornhuskers’ 19th defeat in a row against top 25 opponents.

It feels like it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. The Cornhuskers will hold a conference until the end of the season and may not get an advantage in any of the remaining games.

Their next fight will be against the Indiana Hoosiers on October 1.


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