Watch: NBA player mocked LeBron James in a game of charades


Almost everyone around the world has an opinion about LeBron James. But for one active NBA player, it is obvious that LeBron is not the tallest and most powerful.

In a recent media appearance at Nesiaukite Live in his native Lithuania, New Orleans Pelicans center Jonas Valanciunas played charades. When he was assigned to impersonate LeBron, he had an interesting reaction.

Valanciunas started wiping his eyes as if he was crying and pretended to be hit on the head by a basketball. Surprisingly, the host of the show realized that it was LeBron in just 30 seconds.

The clip went viral, gaining more than 35,000 views. As expected, a lot of sarcastic comments were made about Valanciunas and LeBron.

LeBron James is hardly flawless as an NBA player. Despite winning four NBA titles and being on the verge of breaking the NBA scoring record, his playoff failures were often more remarkable than his breakthroughs.

We probably won’t be able to fully appreciate the entirety of LeBron’s career until he retires. Maybe even after he retires.

Jonas Valanciunas may be laughing at LeBron now, but he may change his attitude towards the Lakers superstar in the coming years.

Do you think Valanciunas hates LeBron or is he just having fun in this video?