Watch: MLB World Reacts to Angel Hernandez Story


Controversial MLB umpire Angel Hernandez sued the league in 2017, claiming he was discriminated against because he had not been assigned to the World Series since 2005 and was overlooked as a crew chief.

The judge hearing the case ruled in favor of Major League Baseball in March 2021. Earlier this summer, Hernandez appealed the decision.

In response to this most recent lawsuit, MLB released an eloquent statement about the referee.

The league says Hernandez was on track to watch the 2018 World Series before he was tripled to first base on video reviews during Game 3 of that year’s AL Division Series between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

The MLB world reacted to this statement on Twitter.

“Good grief. MLB’s response makes it clear that they know Angel Hernandez is terrible at his job. Whether it’s the umpires’ union or MLB’s institutional inertia keeping him at work, idc, but it’s high time to move on. a shame for the game,” said one fan.

“The dude had 5 challenges on 1st base, three were canceled before the 5th inning. And he still has a job, and everyone else is wrong…” wrote another.

“Angel Hernandez is the worst judge in the world,” said another.

“Hernandez has not presented, and the record does not contain the slightest evidence that MLB’s actions were based on his race or national origin,” MLB wrote in a 58—page statement Wednesday, AP News reported.

This story certainly doesn’t help Hernandez’s case as one of the most criticized referees in the league.


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