Watch: Mass crash in NASCAR race on Sunday afternoon


The Coke Zero Sugar 400 of 2022 takes place at the legendary Daytona International Speedway, but a massive accident in the rain threatens to spoil everyone’s mood.

With just 23 laps left in the race, Denny Hamlin was in the lead when several race cars appeared to swerve on the slippery, rainy track at Daytona. There was a massive accident, as a result of which more than half of the cars collided.

Somehow, amidst all the carnage, Austin Dillon #3 managed to squeeze in and take the lead while Hamlin and the other leaders stayed behind to regroup.

The rain started to fall quite quickly, and after just two laps due to lightning in the area, the race was postponed 21 laps before the finish. If and when the race resumes today, Dillon will be in the lead.

Here’s a look at the accident:

And here’s Dillon’s point of view when the crash started:

As you can see, Austin Dillon makes a brilliant move to cross the yellow line, rounding the broken Harrison Burton to avoid a collision with the rest.

Dillon has not won a race since July 2020. At the moment, he is not able to participate in the NASCAR Cup playoffs, but today’s victory will take him straight into the race.

This major accident could be the defining moment of the season for the two-time Daytona 500 winner.


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