Watch: Little League Referee’s Terrible Call Goes Viral


Today’s Little League game between Kentucky and Ohio caused surprise to the home court judge.

In many cases, the lead striker called strikes that were clearly far outside the strike zone.

Fans of this sport are dissatisfied with such a performance of the home plate.

“The referee in the WS Little League Kentucky vs. Ohio game is the worst referee I’ve ever seen! You can’t do this to these kids!!” one fan wrote.

“Officiating in Ohio’s Little League qualifier against Kentucky is an example of what NOT to do, as an official must be honest in his strike zone!” another added.

While this poor refereeing is no doubt unpleasant to watch, it’s important to remember that the Little League referees at LLWS are volunteers. Referees are not paid at any level of the Little League tournament.

The final pitch of the game—a call strike far to the left of the plate-ended the contest 1-0 and sent Kentucky into the championship game in the Great Lakes region.


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