Watch: Leonard Fourchet’s Response to Micah Parsons Goes Viral


Leonard Fournette’s block of chips against Micah Parsons quickly went viral last night, but his response to the Cowboys linebacker after the game also caused some reaction.

Pro Football Focus tweeted a clip of Fournette knocking Parsons down on SNF, who commented on the All-Pro from Dallas:

And now go watch the tape! And look what happened when we were alone with him!!! You hit someone without looking right in the pussy!! Stop advertising this slack as * [expletive] it’s football!!

As for Lenny’s answer in the playoffs:

Fans reacted to the viral tweet on Monday.

“I’m buying this number seven jersey, my God,” said The Pewter Plank.

“Right into my veins…” the Bucks fan replied.

“This is my RB1.”

“Leonard Fournette is 20-18 in our scorecards heading into the 3rd and final round,” tweeted the “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast.



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