Watch: Legendary USA track and field star accused of racism



Olympic track legend Michael Johnson has been criticized for comments he made on Twitter at the World Athletics Championships last weekend.

Johnson was skeptical about the record time that Toby Amusan of Nigeria set in the 100-meter hurdles, setting a new time of 12.12 seconds. He turned to Twitter and said he didn’t believe the recording was correct, given some time adjustments he had seen during the day.

“I don’t believe that the time of 100 hours is correct. The world record was broken by 0.08! Installed 12 PB. 5 national records have been set. “,” Johnson tweeted. “In Race 2, we were first shown a victory time of 12.53. After a few seconds, it shows 12.43. Rounding down by 0.01 is normal. 0.10 — no.”

“In Race 2, we were first shown a victory time of 12.53. A few seconds later it shows 12.43. Rounding to 0.01 is fine, 0.10 is not,” Johnson later tweeted.

These comments led to accusations of Johnson’s bias against Nigerian track stars. Many accused him of outright racism for not recognizing achievements.

But Michael Johnson denies the accusations. Johnson said on Twitter late last night that he was questioning the results of all athletes, not just Nigerian athletes.

“My job as a commentator is to comment. When interviewing the results of 28 athletes (not 1 athlete), wondering if the timing system was faulty, I was attacked, accused of racism and that I questioned the talent of an athlete whom I respect and predicted. win. Unacceptable. I’m moving on,” Johnson wrote.

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