Watch Kylie Jenner become a complete Catwoman and channel Batgirl for her latest collaboration


Batgirl had a difficult year in 2022. The main headlines focused on Gotham City crime fighter Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl, due to her first ever solo film with live actors being canceled by the CEO of Warner Bros. David Zaslav before he had a chance. to watch on HBO Max. Then fans could include him in their Batman movie viewing programs in order. Alas, this was not to be. Maybe one day we’ll be able to see an excerpt from the lost Batgirl movie, but while fans are patiently waiting, they have something else related to Batman that they’re looking forward to: the collaboration that media mogul Kylie Jenner is teasing about… should be coming soon.

Kylie Jenner often collaborates with outside partners for her cosmetics brand and even used another superhero in Spider-Man when she recently promoted her cosmetics line. So now that she’s (somehow) announcing a partnership with Batman, fans shouldn’t be surprised that the reality TV sensation is keeping a foot in both Marvel and DC. It’s just good business. In her Instagram post, Kylie Jenner confirmed her collaboration with Batman by releasing a video in which the press secretary was shown in Catwoman and Batgirl costumes, so anything is possible at the moment.

Although Kylie Jenner is only 25 years old, she has already established herself as a force in the market and is considered a billionaire thanks to her work as an influential person, socialite and founder of a cosmetics company. There were a few bumps on the way to the top, for example, when Jenner was accused of making fans believe that she had a hand in the development of cosmetics that she sells, and of violating safety protocols in laboratories in Italy where her cosmetics are being developed. . When you’re a reality TV star on the level of any of the Kardashians, you have to be prepared for a negative reaction to your success.

Kylie Jenner also does not limit her advertising partners to the sphere of comics and superheroes. Almost a year ago on the same day, Jenner used horrific images and allusions to the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise to connect the Kylie Cosmetics line, suitable for Halloween.

As we have already said, this entrepreneur is extremely smart, seems to know what the market wants and is ready to provide. The comments under her post about Batman reflect extreme enthusiasm, with many shouting “YASSSS” and “IM SO HYPED” in capital letters. And they don’t even know what these products will be ye


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