Watch: Kim Yoo Jung and Pyong Woo Seok impress the cast of “Amazing Saturday” for various reasons in a funny preview


Get ready for a fun episode of “Amazing Saturday” with Kim Yoo Jung and Pyong Woo Seok!

On October 8, the popular entertainment show tvN showed a brief overview of its upcoming episode, in which two stars of The 20th Century Girl will take part as guests.

In a recently released preview, Kim Yoo Jung impresses the cast of “Amazing Saturday” with her skills: she not only knows how to guess the lyrics, but even impresses the actors with her exact imitation of famous singers.

Meanwhile, Peng Woo Seok impresses the actors with his impressive height. When Park Na Rae stands next to him, she jokes: “Why do I feel like I’ve been hammered into the ground?” The clip also compares the difference between getting cornmeal spray into Kim Yoo Jung and Byung Woo Sok, and Kim Yoo Jung laughingly notes, “He’s so tall that he hit him here [in the chest]!”

Pyong Woo Seok goes on to say that he is a big fan of UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun, and the actors joke that the two stars are also similar in terms of their text-guessing abilities.

The episode of Kim Yoo Jung and Pyong Woo Seok “Amazing Saturday” will air on October 15 at 19:30. KST. In the meantime, check out the new preview below!



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