Watch: Kim Jung Hyun Can’t Help But Obey Im Soo Hyang in “Kokdu: Season of Deity”


The upcoming MBC drama starring Kim Jung Hyun and Im Soo Hyang has released a new teaser!

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” is a fantasy novel that tells the story of a grim reaper named Kokdu (Kim Jung Hyun) who descends into this world to punish people every 99 years. Kokdu meets Han Kyo-chol (Im Soo-hyang), a doctor with mysterious abilities, and starts working from home.

The newly released teaser captures Kokdu, who has nothing to fear in this world, and his body moves according to the will of Dr. Han Gye-jeol’s commands. The clip begins with Do Jin-woo (Kim Jung-hyun) and Han Gye-jeol exuding a romantic atmosphere at work, until the atmosphere completely changes when an unexpected accident occurs. When the arrogant god of the underworld Kokdu takes over the body of Do Jin-woo, a sweet and caring person turns into a person cold as ice.

However, the one who is more confused and puzzled than Han Gye-jeol is the Kokdu in Do Jin-woo’s body. That’s because his limbs are just moving on Han Gye Jeol’s orders. Kokdu finds the situation completely incomprehensible and wonders if this human doctor Han Kyo-jol has a special power. The anticipation of an unusual romance between them is great.

Watch the full teaser here!


The premiere of “Kokdu: The Season of Deity” will take place on January 27 at 21:50 Korean time. kst.


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