Watch Khloe Kardashian Hilariously Trying to Curl Her Hair: “Still Can’t Do It”


Khloe Kardashian trusts it to professionals! Jen Atkin has posted a hilarious video about how a reality TV star is trying to curl her own hair, and it’s safe to say that hairstyles are not in the future of the Kardashians.

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“We certainly lived, laughed and loved during our annoying scene. HBD, my Khloe Kardashian,” Atkin, co—owner of the OUAI hair care line, signed an Instagram post published on Monday, June 27, in honor of Kardashian’s 38th birthday.

The video shows a member of Revenge Body sitting in a stylist’s chair, and 42-year-old Atkin is trying to teach her how to use curling irons. “Your thumb is coming down! You’re holding him like this! Kardashian told the beauty guru. “Which one?!” Strong Looks Better Naked said in response.

Kardashian reacted to the video in the comments section and confirmed that she still hasn’t mastered the skill. “Oh my God! Not a tutorial video on hairstyles,” she wrote, adding: “By the way, I still can’t do it.”

Atkin’s subscribers also shared their thoughts. “I thought it was just me too can’t!” read one comment. “It’s me!! I feel so bad that it’s a pity.”

Some fans even compared this video to the infamous moment Kendall Jenner sliced a cucumber from the TV series “Kardashian” on Hulu.

“Still better than Kendal [so in the original] cuts a cucumber,” wrote another user of the social network. “It’s like Kendall, but with a curling iron,” another fan commented. (On the May 12 episode of the new family reality show, Kendall cuts a cucumber so ineffectively that Kris Jenner had to politely ask the chef to step in and take over.)

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While Kardashian may not be able to celebrate her curling technique, she can celebrate a more important milestone: the new year of life.

To take another trip around the sun, Kardashian was surrounded by loved ones at an intimate family dinner that included a “wasted” toast from 66-year-old Chris.

“I know I’m a little devastated… and a little green, but I want to say how much I fucking love you, Khloe Kardashian,” Momager said in a video shared by Kim Kardashian via her Instagram story. “You’re a rock star in my eyes. You are the queen of our family.”

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Kim, 41, also shared a cute clip of her mother hugging Chloe, who donned a hot pink latex outfit for the festive occasion. Chris looked radiant in a flowing green dress. “I gave birth 38 years ago!” exclaimed Chris. “I’m going to dress like I’m going to celebrate the 38th anniversary of my birth. So, come on, little Miss Barbie. I love you!”