Watch: Kenny Pickett’s 1st Preseason Touchdown in the NFL


13-15, 111 yards, two touchdowns, 132.6 passer rating and the winning rush. How do you like this debut of Steelers fans?

In his first preseason game, Kenny Pickett, selected in the first round, went 5-5 and helped the Pittsburgh offense retreat down the field and score a goal; hit fellow rookie Jaylen Warren while passing from the goal line.

“Jaylen with SNAG,” one fan replied.

“Let’s go, baby!! An unflappable participant, leader and winner,” another user said.

“I’m excited!”

“Holy [expletive] look at Kenny, I’m crying,” another fan wrote.

“He looks good too!” remarked Crispin Havener.

“Kenny looks like a stud!”

“THE VIBES IS CRAZY RN,” the Steelers fan page replied in capital letters.

It burns in the Burg.


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