Watch Julia Roberts’ Candid Reaction After She Was Told She Wasn’t Really Roberts


Moviegoers have known movie star Julia Roberts for more than three decades. Although they know the Oscar-winning actress by her legendary name, it may not be her real name. Roberts recently learned an amazing revelation about her famous surname while studying her family history. The “Beauty” star was told in a viral clip that she wasn’t really Roberts.

The Hollywood icon learned unexpected news while participating in the popular PBS series “In Search of Roots”. Roberts was stunned to learn that the man she considered her great-great-grandfather was not related to her. This led to the otherworldly reaction of the “Ticket to Paradise” star when she found out that part of her family history was not true. Watch the TikTok clip below to see Roberts’ full reaction.


PART 1: “Am I not a Roberts?” On FindingYourRoots, #JuliaRoberts learns through DNA that her great-great grandfather Willis Roberts could not possibly be related to her. So, what is Julia’s real last name? Find out when you stream our premiere episode of #FindingYourRoots on the @PBS app or!

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The star of “Best Friend’s Wedding” was completely stunned and devastated to learn an unexpected secret. Roberts seemed baffled to learn that her great-great-grandfather was rumored to have died before her great-grandfather was born. Like a real playwright, she poured out all her emotions when she found out that part of her family history was a lie.

But the Oscar winner’s first reaction was only the beginning when she found out who her real great-great-grandfather was from host Henry Louis Gates Jr. Roberts couldn’t contain her bewilderment when she found out that her real last name was… Mitchell. See how the Hollywood star treats his new surname with complete distrust in the following video below.


Replying to @findingyourroots Julia “Roberts” learns her real last name. Watch JuliaRoberts’ full episode of #FindingYourRoots with #EdwardNorton on the @PBS app or!

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Roberts, falling into a fit of giggling, could not hide her disbelief that she was now Mitchell. She can see how she processes this latest information, trying to keep it in the clip. She seemed even more stunned by the information about her great-great-grandmother and the circumstances surrounding the birth of new children after her husband’s death.

Hearing such an amazing revelation, someone will doubt their identity. All her life, the film actress was known as Roberts and knew nothing else. Now she has to think of herself as Mitchell. But this news affects not only her entire family, including her brother actor Eric Roberts and her niece actress Emma Roberts.

So, everyone, including the movie star, called her the wrong name from birth. Does this mean that the winner of the Oscar for Best Actress will have to change her name professionally? Or will she continue to use the surname Roberts? At the moment, it’s a little late to change her famous last name so far into her distinguished career. Of course, this isn’t the first revelation fans have heard about Roberts in recent months.

If there is a name change, it will not be in the near future, since Julia Roberts plays the main role in the film adaptation of the thriller novel “Leave the World Behind” together with another Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. But if you want to see her sooner, check out her return in the romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise” by subscription Peacock. Once you’re done with the romantic comedy, check out some of her best romantic comedies.


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