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It’s safe to say that Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen got a lot of work on the golf course this offseason. His latest trip should give a hint of how good his form is getting.

Recent video from the site shows Allen destroying his tee shot in front of the crowd. His ball flew a whopping 340 yards.

But although Allen is not a professional golfer, he has a lot of experience playing. He has said many times that this is one of his favorite things. He even turned down a trip to the Pro Bowl to play at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am earlier this year.

Perhaps his most notable golf game so far has been his teaming with Patrick Mahomes in a matchup against Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers earlier this offseason.

Fans like what they see in Allen as a golfer:

“Josh Allen’s ball still hasn’t come down,” one fan joked.

“So he went back to the middle or kept pushing to the right,” joked another.

“Bryson DeChambeau in football,” wrote a third fan, referring to the strong fluctuations of the winner of the 2020 US Open. “Hmm, how did I not realize this before.”

“A little—known fact, Josh Allen can throw a soccer ball faster and farther than he can hit a golf ball,” a fourth fan jokingly wrote.

The legend of Josh Allen is becoming more and more popular.