Watch: Josh McDaniels unhappy with Raiders player on Thursday – The Spun: What’s trending in the sports world today


Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels is unhappy with Malcolm Koons’ defensive play during Thursday’s practice.

He got too close to star quarterback Derek Carr during practice, and McDaniels tried to let him know that he screwed up.

In the video, you can hear McDaniels saying, “Get out of the way,” before getting upset that Kunse reacted to what he said.

McDaniels is in his first training camp with the Raiders after taking over as head coach earlier this year.

He’s an offensive coach (he’s been organizing games for Bill Belichick in New England for the last 10 years), so he’s expected to be a little biased against his quarterback.

Let’s hope Kunse has learned his lesson and doesn’t feel McDaniels’ anger at the rest of the camp.


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