Watch: JJ Watt has an update on the situation with the “rattlesnake baby”


There are many aspects of life in Phoenix that are probably beautiful, but snakes are not one of them.

On Saturday, the Cardinals quarterback ended JJ’s career. Watt had a bit of a snake problem in AM when he was asking his 5.6 million Twitter followers what to do.

It looks like Watt didn’t get a single correct answer on social media. But the three-time best defender of the year offered an update after he corrected the situation, and was quite confused.

Woke up this morning, went to the bathroom, found a baby rattlesnake in the corner of the bathroom. … I’m from Wisconsin… I have little experience with snakes. .. I don’t know much about snakes, I don’t know how to handle snakes, I’m not a big fan of snakes. When I came to Arizona, everyone said: beware of scorpions and beware of rattlesnakes… stay away… babies are the most venomous rattlesnakes…

.. So, I call this guy, and he goes into the house, looks at him and just takes him with his bare hands. He says, “Ha… it’s not a rattlesnake. It’s a long-nosed snake. Completely harmless. and then he left. So… if each of you wants to feel like a wimp, here’s how to do it.

Maybe he should take Cam Jordan’s advice…


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