Watch: Jen Sterger Reacts to Brett Favre’s Disturbing News


Earlier Tuesday afternoon, a report surfaced showing old text messages between Brett Favre and former Governor Phil Bryant.

The reports allegedly show that Bryant, Favre and others worked together to raise $5 million for a volleyball stadium for the University of Southern Mississippi. The only problem is that the money came from social security funds.

After Tuesday’s news, Jenn Sterger took to social media to react to the latest Brett Favre scandal. In a long Twitter post, she said that days like today are hard because she will always be connected to Favre.

In 2008, when Sterger was a sideline reporter for the New York Jets, she claimed Favre sent her explicit text messages, voicemails and photos.

Favre admitted that he sent voice messages, but not photos. He was eventually fined by the NFL, but received no further punishment for his alleged actions.

At the end of a thread she tweeted, Sterger said she believes in redemption for those who express remorse, which Favre does not have.

I believe in redemption when people express remorse. Did the job. And they took this work out into the world to show you that they have learned something. Brett Favre didn’t do any of that. I’m lost in his back view. And you’re all just now discovering that terrible people do terrible things when there are no consequences. Welcome to the real world.

It’s unclear if anything will happen to Favre as a result of the latest disturbing news.


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