Watch: James Harden Teases Potential Big Christmas Game


Due to the fact that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, the NBA will have to hold some really exciting matches to compete with the NFL for viewers. But if what Philadelphia 76ers star James Harden is teasing is true, they could do just that.

On Sunday, Harden tweeted just four words. “Christmas in the garden!” he wrote, hinting at a potential game against the New York Knicks.

Harden’s tweet immediately went viral, garnering over 3,000 likes in just 15 minutes. Fans are already looking forward to seeing the Sixers and Knicks on Christmas Day.

Not everyone is so sure that James Harden meant Madison Square Garden. Some are wondering if he was referring to TD Garden and not a fight with the reigning Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics.

The 76ers-Celtics matchup would be even more appealing if we were honest. But TD Garden isn’t usually called a “Garden,” so if that’s the case, then Harden is definitely trolling Knicks fans.

Of course, any prime-time games involving the Philadelphia 76ers are likely to become must-watch on television. The combination of Harden and current scorer Joel Embiid is hard to pass up.

However, it will be even more difficult to keep the Sixers from participating in prime time if they do what they are rumored to do and trade Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

Will we see James Harden and the Philadelphia 76ers on Christmas Day? If so, who will be their opponent?


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