Watch How Steve Harvey of Celebrity Family Feud Was Shocked By Kristin Chenoweth’s Hilariously Dirty First Response


Just when you thought it was safe to end your weekend without hearing the Shmigadoon star and musical genius Kristin Chenoweth beeped on TV for saying a word that only sounds like the deepest, darkest part of the human anatomy, the celebrity family feud was like, “Nuh well, that’s it’s happening.” The latest episode of ABC’s prime-time game show may not have looked like it would immediately plunge into the gutter with its first poll question as the Chenoweth family confronts Katie Nagimi and her posse, but as Family Feud fans have seen time and time again, it only takes one second for things to fly off rails.

As you can see from the video about the chef’s kiss below, the first face-off began with an instant classic moment when Steve Harvey asked Kristin Chenoweth and Katie Nagimi to name a man’s favorite part of the body for kissing, besides the lips. Check it out!

To let everyone know, Kristin Chenoweth replied: “Rhymes with the word vile,” which is confirmed by the description of the video on the Celebrity Family Feud page on YouTube. And no, there are no cute nicknames for other, less NSFW body parts that rhyme with the word disgusting, so she 100% meant the anus.

To be clear, there is no shame or condemnation when it comes to the action in question, since everyone is free to do and love whatever he pleases. What there is some judgment in is that Chenoweth went THERE so quickly, without even giving Steve Harvey time to get used to the episode. No one expects ass references, at least until the second question, Kristin!

In fact, I also kind of want to condemn ABC for squeaking the word “disgusting” there, since I really don’t understand why “anus” is squeaking at all. Not that she said “male fucking asshole.” It would be one thing if this was a Sesame Street parody of Celebrity Family Feud or something, but this franchise has long been known for ramping up sexualized survey questions, and any question involving body parts was clearly intended to spark some naughty responses. Although now I kind of want all future participants to start rhyming their more shocking answers.

With his signature CFF style and swagger on full display thanks to this eye-popping purple jacket, Steve Harvey didn’t even immediately dive into Chenoweth. He waited for Najimi’s answer to hit the board before poking fun at the Wicked veteran for calling herself a good Christian after hinting at an action that rhymes with “rimblob.”

In the past, Harvey has said that the most viral moments of celebrity family feuds are generated by pure ignorance, although I don’t really think Kristin Chenoweth’s answer fits these parameters so exactly. This does not mean that I know exactly how to describe her first impulse, but I think the word “cheerful” is quite appropriate.

The actress also offered another confusing answer as a book stand during the “Fast Money” round.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, none of the other interviewees answered “elphaba” to this or any other question in the history of family feud.

Celebrity Family Feud airs Sundays on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET, with two games filling each hour-long episode. While waiting to see how the situation turns out for the next group of famous families, watch the wild ending of a recent episode of Boyz II Men and skip to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to find out what else will be released in prime time in the coming months.


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