Watch how Pixar’s Lightyear turned into a PlayStation 1 game in a super cool video


3D artist Hoolopee reimagines Lightyear, a spin-off of Pixar’s Toy Story, as a classic video game for Sony’s Playstation 1 console in a short video. Pixar’s latest work is a film that would inspire the creation of the much-coveted toy that Andy from Toy Story would have received in the original film. Chris Evans takes on the role of intergalactic space ranger Buzz Lightyear, who faces a deadly mechanical enemy.

Deviating greatly from the typical formula of the Toy Story series, Lightyear follows Evans’ new take on Buzz Lightyear, drawing on information provided about the lore surrounding Andy’s iconic action figure to create a space epic. In a colony in a far unknown part of the universe, Buzz helps develop an experimental fuel that can take space travel to new heights. However, when an experiment leads to unforeseen circumstances and attracts the attention of the mechanical emperor, Buzz must act against this threat. Inspired by how audiences have been influenced by films like Star Wars, Lightyear is designed like a movie Andy sees in a movie theater in which he will become a fan of the character, but one artist imagined how the character might look in a different form. visual storytelling.

Sharing on his personal Twitter account, Hulopi imagined what Lightyear would look like if, instead of a movie, the story was told in the form of a classic Playstation 1 video game, changing the visuals to create the look of an old video game. Using footage from the teaser trailer of the 2021 film, the artist gave Buzz’s launch into the atmosphere a more blocky, pixelated aesthetic, very similar to classic PS1 games such as Final Fantasy VII and the original 1996 Resident Evil.

Evans admitted that the role of Buzz Lightyear scared him when he discussed the role of the iconic character who has become just as widely loved by viewers around the world. In an interview published in early June 2022, Evans said that at first he found himself in the role of space ranger Tim Allen frightening, because the actor was afraid to recite the cult song of Lightyear “To infinity and beyond!” a catch phrase. Despite this, Evans stated that the Pixar film crew helped him through this process by helping him create his own character while remaining faithful and recognizable to the original.

Built around the goal of creating a story that goes beyond the franchise, Lightyear uses its unique framing device of visiting Andy’s Theater to try to create a story that can enrich the original films, but at the same time become a separate story. While the additional film has its own creative framing to attract a new audience and the attention of old fans, Hoolopee goes one step further to create a creative bow to classic games. Since the Toy Story franchise also has its own PS1 video games released alongside the first two films, Hoolopee’s work may also attract longtime fans who grew up on games, presenting the latter part as a classic game of their childhood.