Watch: High School Football Coach Reportedly Got into a Fight with a fan During a game


During a recent Mississippi High School football game, the mood got heated.

A man in a Heidelberg High School football uniform got into a violent quarrel with another fan while watching an opponent play. The man was later identified as Heidelberg’s head football coach, Jimbo Nowell, according to Vicksburg News.

The home fan seemed offended by the opponent’s coach visiting their game.

“I’ll kick your ass,— Nowell said.

“Come down to the parking lot and call out to me then,” the fan replied.

Take a look at the wild clip here:

Photos of the aftermath of the fight show Nowell bloodied and in the hands of stadium security. Nowell recently led Heidelberg High School to the district title.

It is unclear whether this quarrel will entail any legal consequences.


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