Watch: Girls Planet 999 Member Kamimoto Kotone Is Announced As a New Member of The Upcoming Female Group Troika


Kamimoto Kotone from “Girls Planet 999” became the 11th member of TripleS!

On January 2, TripleS released an introductory teaser for Kotone, introducing her as a new member of the upcoming girl group. Kamimoto Kotone is best known as a member of Mnet’s “Planet of Girls 999”, which spawned Kep1er, where she took 24th place.

In the video, Kotone introduces herself in Japanese, and her entry date is listed as January 5, 2023.

Watch the Cotone teaser here!

TripleS is a future female group of 24 participants under the management of the startup Modhaus, which is headed by CEO Jung Byung—gi, who previously worked as the head of the A&R department at JYP Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, Sony Music Korea and others. Kotone became the 11th member of TripleS, and some of her bandmates include former Busters member Kim Chae-yeon, “My Teen Girl” members Kim Yoo-yeon and Lee Ji-woo, as well as former P NATION trainees Kim Na-kyoung and Jeong Hye-rin.

Last October, the group debuted with its first division, TripleS AAA, which included Kim Na Kyoung, Jeong Hye Rin, Gong Yoo Bin and Kim Yoo Yeon. After each member is presented separately, the troikas plan to officially debut in the group at the end of this year.


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