Watch fun video with recording errors from season 2


Who doesn’t like to watch recording errors? Even more so if these mistakes are from your favorite series, right? Amazon Prime Video released a video on its YouTube channel with unpublished behind-the-scenes footage of The Boys!

Developed by Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke and Seth Rogen, The Boys is a comic-based series of the same name launched in 2006. The script tells the story of superheroes who, when incorporating the bad side of fame, need to be “corrected. “by a special group of guards called” The Boys “.

This group, which even names the series, has nothing more than their courage, willingness and willingness to play dirty to defeat this core of bad superheroes, since they are just normal humans. The 2nd season of The Boys has 8 episodes and an even more intense and insane plot than that of the debut season.

The 2nd season of The Boys
The most recent season takes place around the aftermath of Homelander’s big reveal in season one, and follows the escape of Hughie, Frenchie, The Female and Leitinho, listed as wanted by the FBI.

Recalling that the 3rd season of The Boys has already been confirmed and will have new additions to the cast, such as Jensen Ackles, from Supernatural, who will play the hero Soldier Boy. The recordings will start in the beginning of 2021.

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