Watch: Former NFL Runner Ripped Bill Belichick


New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has never lacked for criticism. But the newest voice making him think is the former star running back.

Speaking on FOX Sports SPEAK, former All-Pro runner Leshawn McCoy said it was “all over” for Belichick in New England and that he would never win consistently again. McCoy said the Patriots have looked “so ordinary” since Brady left after the 2019 season, and that the Patriots are spending too much on defense to make up for it.

“It’s over for Belichick. It’s over,” McCoy said via Sports Illustrated. “I’ve never seen the Patriots pay so many guys to defend at the same time. They’re doing it now that Tom’s gone. It’s over. This is a real Belichick. The winning percentage when playing with Brady is 77 percent. Without Tom Brady, you wouldn’t even have guessed. 47 percent. He won’t win a game without Tom Brady.

“Ever since Tom Brady left, they look so ordinary. But seriously, when I watch the video and really look at them, I see that they are being beaten in attack, defenders miss selections — they look bad. They can’t do anything in resentment. All the coaches in the AFC, all these years when they had Tom Brady, said the same thing that I do now. Without Tom Brady, Belichick is a good coach. Stop it all, he’s the greatest of all time. He’s not.”

Leshawn McCoy might have been right if the Patriots hadn’t gone through exactly the same scenario many times before. Last year was no exception: the Patriots started the year with a score of 2:4, before winning 8 of the last 11 games and reaching the playoffs.

As much as McCoy and the rest of Belichick’s detractors want to claim that it’s “over” for Belichick to be the best coach in the NFL, we’ll need a little more evidence than that.

Do you agree with Leshon McCoy? Are Belichick’s days as a head football coach over?


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