Watch: Former Kentucky Football Player Has a Message for Cal Coach


Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari recently sparked controversy within the Big Blue Nation sports program.

Speaking about his program’s need for new training halls, Cal coach shortened the University of Kentucky to a “basketball school.”

“This is a basketball school. Alabama is a football school. The same goes for Georgia. No disrespect to our football team. I hope they win 10 games and go bowling. But this is a basketball school,” Calipari said, according to The Athletic.

In response to these comments, former Kentucky football player Max Duffy criticized Cal coach and the Wildcats basketball program.

“A completely unexpected question, but has the Kentucky football team ever lost to the St. Peters?” Duffy asked on Twitter.

Coach Cal’s Kentucky team suffered an embarrassing first-round loss to the 15th-ranked St. Peters at last year’s NCAA tournament, which abruptly interrupted two disappointing seasons in a row for the basketball program.

The Kentucky football team, on the other hand, had one of its best campaigns in recent years last season, posting a 10-3 record and winning the Citrus Bowl over Iowa.

Wildcats head football coach Mark Stoops also applauded Calipari.

“Basketball school? I thought we competed in the SEC? #4straightpostseasonwins,” he tweeted.


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