Watch: Football fans unhappy with JJ Watt on Sunday


Obviously, pass rusher J.J. Watt was set up for today’s big Chelsea-Tottenham Hotspur Premier League match. But his initial reaction to the game infuriated many football fans.

In the 96th minute, Tottenham striker Harry Kane scored a goal, equalizing the score with the score 2:2, which would have been the final score. After the game, Watt chastised Chelsea for treating the draw as a defeat, while Spurs celebrated the point.

“Spurs are celebrating a draw. Chelsea treats it like a loss. #BuildDifferent,” Watt wrote.

However, football fans did not appreciate how Watt formulated this statement. Many point to the circumstances behind the draw and what the difference between winning, drawing and losing in Premier League football means. Several others noted that roles have been reversed in the past:

However, JJ Watt probably knew exactly what he was doing and saying when he made this tweet. He’s a big fan of the Premier League and knows Harry Kane personally.

Most likely, he was just trying to put some salt on the wounds of Chelsea fans. They certainly feel some heat after this late equalizer dropped them from the top three in the Premier League table to sixth place. They may fall lower depending on the results of the upcoming Liverpool – Crystal Palace match tomorrow.

However, the season is still in its infancy, so both teams have enough time to adjust the course after the draw.

But it also means that J.J. Watt has many more weeks to troll a few more football fans.


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