Watch: Football fans are Furious over Youth Training sessions


A small child was hit by a car during a training session in the youth league.

The guy went out one-on-one with a ball player and got completely stuck. It looks like he was able to get up, albeit a little slowly.

Some football fans don’t like that a player is bullied like that, especially in the youth league.

“I beg you all to remove children from programs that perform such exercises. It literally has nothing to do with the real football situation. It’s dangerous for no reason,” one person tweeted.

“Please stop involving your kids in this damn sport. Stop, stop, stop,” another fan tweeted.

“I’m watching this and thinking about the boxer I wrote about last week, who had more than 70 professional fights when he was still in high school. His parents wouldn’t let him play football because they thought it was too dangerous,” one writer said.

I hope this exercise will no longer be used by the head coach.


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