Watch: Fans reacted to Drew Breeze’s appearance on FOX last night


Legendary quarterback Drew Brees was a special guest on FOX’s pregame coverage of Thursday night’s matchup between Penn State and Purdue.

Brees spent last college football season as an NBC color commentator. He called the Notre Dame games along with Mike Tirico.

After the conclusion of the 2021 season, it was announced that Brees would not return to NBC. Many wondered if the former New Orleans Saints quarterback was officially finished.

If Breeze does give another chance on the air, he should try to repeat the performance he had on Thursday night. Although it was a short excerpt, Breeze brought a lot of energy to the FOX broadcast.

In fact, Brees was so charismatic that fans want to see him on TV more often.

“If this Drew showed up, he would be the best football analyst,” one person tweeted.

“Yes! This is the Drew we need,” another person wrote. “Whatever it was last year, it was terrible, but it’s in it. Let him cook in the booth!”

In a previous interview with The Spun, Brees said that he did not slam the door when he returned to the air.

“I have so many opportunities and things that I’m considering right now. Staying involved in football is one of my priorities, whether it’s broadcasting or some other opportunities,” Brees said. “I really enjoyed broadcasting the games. Last year I had the opportunity to broadcast Notre Dame football games. I’ve only had the opportunity to broadcast two NFL games. the greatest value is to get inside the quarterback or caller. The door is open – I will always take this into account.”

If Breeze gets another broadcast in the future, he will have a chance to show the sports world what he learned in his rookie year.


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