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Nathan’s hot dog eating contest is a unique tradition of celebrating the 4th of July. Well, ESPN might disagree.

Fans of Nathan’s hot dog eating contest are furious with ESPN this morning.

The unprecedented event of the world leader is broadcast on ESPNews. That’s right — it can’t even pass ESPN2 processing.

Why? Wimbledon is broadcast on other major ESPN channels.

“The hot dog eating contest, which was transferred to ESPNEWS by the English tennis tournament, is the most un-American act in the history of Independence Day. You will pay for it @espn,” RedditCFB said.

“Whoever put Wimbledon on ESPN because of the hot dog contest is not the stuff of Pate State,” Josh Pate said.

“It’s absolutely crazy that the championship of our country is being replaced by the national championship of Great Britain,” one fan wrote.

“Is Wimbledon against a hot dog eating competition? Nathan’s been here all day! This is outrageous!” another fan commented.

“It’s a joke. I even have ESPN+, but I can’t watch it. Espnnews is an extra for most cable companies,” said one fan.

Wimbledon because of a hot dog eating contest? What a shame.

Watch Nathan’s hot dog eating contest on ESPNews.