Watch: Erin Andrews Named 1 Favorite Celebrity She Dated


NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews dated many big names as a co-host of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” program from 2014 to 2019.

On her podcast, “Take It Easy with Erin and Charissa,” Charrisa Thompson asked who Andrew’s favorite celebrity was from her DWTS days. Her answer was simple: Pamela Anderson.

She was so sweet. She was so beautiful. She was fun to hang out with … But she sent us all a bouquet before our very first performance, and instead of “Break your leg,” he said, “Break the whip.” With love, Pamela. My God, I loved her so much. She was so sweet.

Andrews shared a wild night’s story with the former “Malibu Lifeguards” star before finishing.

One night we were at a party and had a lot of fun, and she sat on my lap in a shirt and said: “Tell me everything.” I will fulfill your dreams.” And with this we are out of time!


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